To code, or not to code, that is the question
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind
To suffer the slings and arrows of fantastic code,
Or take arms against of sea of bugs
And by opposing, end them?  To crash, to sleep,
No more; And by a sleep we say we end
The failed projects and the 1024 natural shocks
That logic is heir to...

Welcome to the Luxford Development Knowledgebase.  I am David Luxford, a software engineer with several decades of experience.  The purpose of this site is to record useful things I've learned during software development, system administration, etc. for myself and others.  Most of this information is simple fact, and I make no claim to have discovered it.  I attribute sources for code samples, but not for facts or API documentation.  Tips range from the trivially basic to the esoteric.  Basic tips are particularly important to reorient you into the expectations, terms, and framework of a technology area.  Most are in a simple Question/Answer format as I don't generally have time to write blog articles or do a lot of formatting (as you can tell by my pages!).

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